Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn Mowing Services provided by Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance far exceed the expectations of our homeowners.

It is not uncommon for a homeowner to come and speak with one of our employees pertaining to their property. The job gets done right then and there. No need to wait for someone else to come out and speak to you regarding your concerns. Our staff is well versed in the landscaping industry not just lawn mowing. We take initiative to do it right the first time and never look back. We want you to enjoy us being a part of your lawn not just tolerate us being your lawn mowing service provider.

BENEFITS of having lawn mowing services with Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance:

  • We always clean and leave a neat well cut lawn free from clippings and debris
  • We are reliable and offer same day service week after week with the same schedule- you will never have to guess if we are coming today or tomorrow
  • We close gates behind ourselves

Buying Criteria (a few important questions to ask when selecting a lawn mowing services company)

1. Do you offer fertilization and weed control? If so, do you perform the service yourself or do you contract it to another company? You want to have the same company that gives you lawn mowing services and fertilization and weed control. The lawn mowing services need to be in coordination around each fertilization and weed control program.
2. Do you sharpen your mower blades every other day? If your current company does not sharpen there blades every day, the grass will be torn instead of cut. This will give a brown top appearance to each blade of grass, which gives your over all turf a brown appearance. Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance sharpens blades every 8 hours of use.
3. Do you switch mowing direction weekly? In order to avoid ruts and dying turf due to soil compaction, you want to make sure that the company is switching directions every mow to avoid this. The system we have now tells every staff member on your property the direction of last weeks mow. So the answer to your question is yes.
4. What is your policy on damage to my sprinkler heads if it is caused by your mowing activities? How fast will you fix them? If we break it we fix it. The same day. Why should you have to worry about something we did.

By now you probably have started to ask your self,

“Why have I not called Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance for all of my Lawn Mowing Services already”?