Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control, a must in South Florida.

lawn fertilization and weed control

BENEFITS of lawn fertilization and pest control include:

• Dark Green Weed Free Lawn
• Impress Clients, Relatives, Friends And Neighbors – A Green Weed Free Lawn Will Make You The Envy Of The Neighborhood — Everyone Compares The Color Of Their Grass To Their Neighbors.
• All Applications Coordinated With Our Mowing Schedule To Ensure The Most Effective Lawn Fertilization And Pest Control Treatment Everytime.
• For Very Little Money You Can Have A Green, Pest Free Lawn. The Impact To Drive Up Appeal, Resell Value, Disease Prevention, Elimination Of Thinning Issues.
• Frequent Onsite Inspections By Our Technicians Will Ensure We Catch And Prevent Disease, Fungus, and Insect Problems Before They Cause Major Damage That Will Cost $1000’S in Repairs.

BUYING CRITERIA- Questions commonly asked when buying lawn fertilization and pest control.

  1. Does your service include FREE ant treatments? Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance spot treats visible ant mounds for FREE every time we treat your lawn.

  2. Do you coordinate the mowing around each fertilization, weed, ant, and pre-emergent application? Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance times each lawn fertilization and pest control application around your mowing schedule. This is critical.

  3. Do you outsource your fertilization and weed control treatments to another company? Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance is reliable and priced competitively. We are able to drive down the price due to high volume of service. Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance finds this part very important to maintain quality standards, insurance requirements and the safety of your property and family.

  4. Are your technicians licensed with the Florida Department of Agriculture? This is a must. Specifically verify that the license is with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

  5. Does your company carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability insurance to protect me in the event of damage? Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance carries all the necessary insurance’s to protect you and your family.  Other companies are a fly by night set up.  Do you really think XYZ Lawn Fetilization and Pest Control Company quoting a price at 1/3 the market has the required license and insurance. “NO”, This puts you and your home owner’s policy at risk.

Lawn fertilization and pest control with Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance will have your lawn pest free and deep, lush green year around.