Hedge Trimming

Benefits of using our Hedge Trimming and Bed Maintenance Service.


 Is your hedge trimming done correctly from the top all the way to the bottom?

Does your flat hedge really look “flat”?

Does your hedge look like a roller coaster, or are they level and straight?

  • We train every employee proper trimming and pruning techniques so that your hedges or shrub has the desired look.
  • We do not prune and make “Opp’s” mistakes.
  • Flower beds that are continuously free of weeds.
  • Correct depth and height of pruning and trimming so each will last as long as possible.
  • Our staff checks for and has the knowledge to identify disease, fungus, and insect issues and take the appropriate action.


Impress Clients, Relatives, Friends and Neighbors- “Its virtually impossible to have a great lawn without having properly pruned and trimmed hedges, flower beds, ornamental trees and shrubs.”

Buying Criteria (a few important questions to ask when selecting a company for hedge trimming and keeping your flower beds free of weeds)

  1. Does your company have a guarantee that is so powerful that you will never be on the losing end of a bad landscape company experience. Will any mistakes be fixed immediately?
  2. Does your landscape company, have a $2,000,000 + general liability policy to protect you in the event of damage? This can make you liable if any injury occurs on your property. Some of the machinery such as hedge trimmers are among the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the industry. Ladders are another risk that is often overlooked.
  3. Is hedge trimming one of your core services or are you more of a mow, blow and go company? What steps do you take to be great at trimming bushes and ornamental trees?
  4. Do you know the hedge types, trimming standards, can you identify fungus, mold and insect issues? We train each and every staff member the same way every time.

These are real questions that you should consider before hiring any company to come on your property for any brush trimming or any type of work for that matter.

Still have questions? We are here to help.