Flowers (Color Installation)

Do you want a fresh new look of flowers year around?

BENEFITS of having flowers done by Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance color installation specialist:
• Absolutely No Faster Way To Create A Beautiful Drive Up Appeal
• Impress Clients, Relatives, Friends And Neighbors – You Must Have Bright, Brilliant Flowers If You Want To Be The Envy Of The Neighborhood.
• Whatever Your Favorite Flower, From Petunia, Salvia, Lantana, Mexican Heather, Begonia, Tulips, New Guinea Impatiens, Periwinkle, Pansy, Snapdragon, Flowering Cabbage, Kale, Zinnia, Marigold, Coleus, Verbena, Rose Moss To Caladiums. We Have The What You Want.
• Beautiful Flowers That Last, Grow Big, And Survive The Heat.

Buying Criteria ( important questions to ask when selecting a company to plant your color beds and keep your flowers looking wonderful)

1. Tell me about your buying process? What can I get? Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance has access to most any variety of flowers. We do not buy retail. We buy from multiple vendors so we always have access to the best crops and most desirable varieties and colors.
2. Tell me about your installation process? Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance consults with you on the type, color and placement of your flowers. Based on your preferences we hand pick your flowers. We then remove the previous flowers, prepare and amend the soil, delivery the flowers, install and fertilize them. Once complete, we advice you on the best watering practices and make a plan to keep the flowers fertilized and safe from fungus, disease and insects.
3. Tell me about your maintenance process? If desired, we are available to periodically stop by and check on your flowers. At first sign of any trouble we can identify the cause and take appropriate action. Likewise, we will continue to feed your flowers regularly to ensure maximum size and health.
4. How should I water my flowers? Can you inspect my irrigation system to make sure they are not getting too much or too little water? We will instruct you on exactly how to water your flowers. If you have not installed flowers using Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance before it is wise to check your irrigation system to understand the rate of water delivered to each color bed from the nearest zone. We will identify all potential over and under watering situations.

With Palm Beach Landscape and Maintenance’s color enhancement coordinator, your yard will have a new look of flowers year around.