Customer Service

Yes! Monday through Friday, from 8a.m. to 5p.m., our staff personnel will be happy to help you.

Use our service request email ( When you request special service, you have the option of having the service performed immediately or during your next weekly service.

Each day, our Operations Manager and Supervisors review the log to make sure all service requests have been taken care of.

We bill on the end of each month for services rendered.


Weekly, on the same day of each week. If you have restrictions on when your property can be serviced, we can work with you on a schedule that meets your needs. When you need special service on short notice (such as when the family or friends come to visit), we make every effort to accommodate you.

Once if you desire or twice a year – spring and fall. In April, we install the spring/summer color. In October, we install the fall/winter color. We will accommodate to fit your needs.

If the rainfall is light, we will service your property as usual. If the rainfall is heavy, we will reschedule promptly for a following day visit.


We provide comprehensive, proactive landscape maintenance. Services include management of turf, groundcover, trees, palms and shrubs, seasonal color, integrated pest management, water management and landscape renovation.

Yes! Since our founding in 1988, we have used sustainable landscape practices that promote clean water and soil, reduce landfill waste, reduce energy use and conserve water. We continually try to do our part and have the least amount of impact on our environment.